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Indoor Exotic Flower covered with  soventless thc distillate and thc-a powder!


Introducing our premium THC-Distillate Dipped Cannabis, a remarkable product crafted for those seeking an elevated cannabis experience. Each high-quality cannabis bud is expertly dipped in pure THC distillate, ensuring a potent and smooth coating that intensifies the plant's natural essence. To further enhance its potency, these buds are generously sprinkled with THC-A powder, creating a powerful combination that delivers an exceptional high. Perfect for seasoned enthusiasts, our THC-Distillate Dipped Cannabis offers a robust and flavorful journey, blending intense effects with superior quality. Enjoy the pinnacle of cannabis craftsmanship with this exquisite product.

Mango Runtz Pie - Ice Caps 7 Gram Infused Exotic Cannabis Jar

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