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1G Bruce Banner Live Hash Rosin Cannabis


Washington Dabbers Club Live Rosin Batter represents the epitome of first press rosin. The process commences with carefully selected premium fresh frozen cannabis, combined with ice, water, and gentle agitation to meticulously extract the radiant golden trichomes from the plant. These immaculate trichomes, once isolated, are promptly frozen, meticulously dried, sieved, sifted, and expertly pressed within a fine micron bag. 

  What sets this product apart is the absence of any chemicals or solvents in the entire process. Additionally, a strict adherence to cold temperatures is maintained throughout, ensuring unparalleled quality and an exquisite taste that defines the essence of DC Dabbers Live Rosin Batter.


Live Hash Rosin is a type of cannabis concentrate made through a process that involves extracting trichome heads from freshly harvested cannabis plants. Here's a breakdown of the process:

  • Live Cannabis Plant: The process begins with live, fresh cannabis plants that have been carefully selected for their cannabinoid and terpene profiles.

  • Hash Making: The live cannabis plants are processed to extract the resin-rich trichome heads. This is typically done through methods such as ice water extraction or dry sift techniques. The goal is to separate the trichomes from the plant material, resulting in a concentrated form of cannabis resin called hash.

  • Rosin Pressing: The hash is then subjected to heat and pressure in a process called rosin pressing. This technique uses a specialized rosin press machine that applies controlled heat and pressure to the hash, causing the resin to exude from the trichome heads.

  • Collection: The resin that is squeezed out during the pressing process is collected and allowed to cool and solidify. This collected resin is Live Hash Rosin.

Live Hash Rosin is highly regarded for its purity and potency, as well as its rich terpene profile, which is preserved due to the live resin extraction process. It's considered a high-quality cannabis concentrate favored by connoisseurs for its intense flavor, aroma, and effects. Additionally, because it is made without the use of solvents, Live Hash Rosin is often preferred by consumers who prioritize solventless extraction methods.

1G Bruce Banner Live Hash Rosin Cannabis

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